February Fourteenth

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I would like to give some insight to the men who have waited until heart day eve to try and make the woman in their life feel special. It’s not always the amount of money that you spend on extravagant gifts, exotic flowers, or fine dining establishments. I’m a firm believer in using a healthy imagination and generating non-traditional ways of showing how much “I Truly Care.” Here are a few personal examples:

  • Be complementary- I like to encourage my wife. Specifically, when she is jamming out to Sirius XM Radio “90’s on 9.” Notorious, Dre, Missy and Outkast bring back memories of her teenage “dance sessions.” You haven’t lost a step babe and other similar uplifting remarks help inspire the longevity of the performance. The longer the event lasts, the more footage I can sneak in to use on Snapchat, TikTok, or general black mail. I admire your effort and am your biggest fan babe.
  • Spark your relationship with Lingerie- Victoria Secret has some nice items to consider for this section; however, consider your local sporting goods store for your next purchase of night time clothing. Usually in an area near the back is a section for “reduced priced” clothing and clearance items. There you may find a few oversized dry fit t-shirts in assorted colors. This won’t break the bank and you may actually have a new opportunity to wear those items of yours she has hid in her section of the closet.
  • Fine Dining-She loves to eat out and probably won’t give you a heads up on what exactly she wants for dinner on Valentine’s Day. It’s up to you, so get creative. Personally, I am going to the local Mexican Joint to get an appetizer of queso, chips and salsa. The expression on her face will be priceless. According to how well she’s been treating you, you may stop by the local grocery store to get her favorite tub of Blue Bell for desert. Butter pecan for the win.
  • Entertainment- Operas, concerts, and theatre plays all make for a romantic evening. But try something different this year. Get the grandparents to watch the children for the night. Tell your wife how you have something she is gonna love planned out and the privacy will make it more special. This will take some planning ahead of time. Make sure she has full seasons of her favorite show (Law and Order SVU, Chicago PD/Med/Fire, etc) recorded on DVR. If you’ve been wanting a new rifle or any other large ticket item, this is the time to present this possibility. She won’t hear a word you’ve said, but you’re off the hook because it was discussed.
  • Snuggle Buddy- The wife will be thrilled to know that she will have company in the bed tonight other than the normal rugrat children who won’t sleep in their own bed. Give the children an iPad, if the grandparents won’t take them, and tuck them away in their rooms as you prepare for her to have a cozy night of sleep next to the love of her life. While she is preparing for bed, make sure to bath the k-9 friend that she talks soooo sweet to, buys items for every time she visits the local Wal-Mart, and encourages delightful kisses on the face without rolling her eyes. You surely can watch Sportscenter without having to read lips or turning on the closed caption setting if the dog is snuggled up right next to her.

Disclaimer- The author is in no way responsible for break ups, emergency room visits, or damaged property due to the recommendations cited in this work. Proceed at your own risk.

Author: Rainey Days

Teacher, Coach, Parent, Love God and my Life

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