K-9 Family Adventures

Dog people look at life a little different. Let’s take my wife for instance. She is “all in” for allowing dogs to sleep in our bed, frolic over the entirety of our indoor and outdoor furniture, and basically live in a hotel with room service located near South State Highway 123 in Newton, AL. The crazy thing is that she used to be a “cat lady” with little to no interest in the K-9 friends. Today, she painted their dog mansion with a mixture of stain and sealant. She may have obtained more of the liquid dye on her skin than on the plywood itself. Mineral spirits does wonders, but can leave a lasting odor when portioned over the majority of your body.

Other than the miniature species, the medium to large dog breeds tend to present issues when trying to bath, walk or train them to follow direct orders. Today my wife and oldest decided to walk one of the land monsters who reside in our backyard.

Have you seen the unprepared family riding the toy dinosaur amusement rides at Disney World or even the Go-Carts at the local track? The faces of these passengers in a still shot would reveal a mixture of emotions as the cart seems to be spiraling out of control or running faster than to be expected. The members of our family are not quite strong enough to handle the brute strength of the sweet little puppy as he leverages all of the power in those four legs.

During the walk, the smallest of the K-9 babies decided to chase a mere butterfly. He is into capture and destroy methods. We haven’t quite gotten to the retrieve portion of this activity. Insects, small animals and birds, plenty of birds. You can imagine the excitement and barking when a small bird directed his path. Attention to land obstacles were of little concern. The scene was remotely similar to watching someone trying to roller skate while holding a rope attached to a four wheeler: on pavement, through tall grass, down hills and through water hazards. Eventually the pup would come to a halt, leaving the human needing immediate medical attention via oxygen supplements.

According to Webster, force is defined as strength or energy that causes motion or change. In this scenario, the pooch forced his owners to move at a pace conflicting the normal rate or anticipated muscular exertion.

Today, you can be a positive force. Although the immediate consequences of the trail ride initiated by our lovable pet didn’t seem to be extremely positive, the benefits far outweigh the negative. Your actions today can be a springboard for a better YOU. When you commit to being a positive force no matter the exterior factor, you would be amazed in the change of energy with those around you. You know, do your part to spread happiness. Psalms 144:15, “Happy are the people whose God is the Lord.”

Include smooches on the side of the face from your favorite canine and what human wouldn’t be overcome with Joy!

Author: Rainey Days

Teacher, Coach, Parent, Love God and my Life

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