My wife is on the verge of having a panic attack. Today marks over a week since she has had the luxury of divulging in her favorite Mexican cuisines at our go-to, every other day dine-in encounter. I even tried to satisfy her craving by stopping by the local “Run for the Border” fast food establishment. Wrong Answer!!!! Local National Guard Units are on standby to provide the needed goods delivered to our home to avoid another potential crisis.

I’m not here to argue whether or not the pandemic is a hoax or if you should or shouldn’t go to the local grocery store today, simply to provide a little humor from our household in order to lighten the mood.
With a busy schedule of practices, games and school we would be what you called specialist in the field of judging local eateries. So, when word spread that local stores were running out of toilet paper with a possible seclusion strategy on the forefront, my wife decided it may be necessary to purchase a few items to fill our pantry besides Capri-sun, goldfish and lunchables. Lucky for us, two of our children have stomachs the size of oranges. The initial grocery list should last at least a few weeks. Add a teenager to the mix and I’m not sure how these children make it through a day at school without becoming completely malnourished. Example-Wake up and eat breakfast, walk outside for fresh air- snack time, watch a cartoon-brunch, trampoline fun-more snacks, water break, lunch, craft construction-refreshments, 45-minute nap-light meal, bicycle competition-supper, bath time- ice cream. We are currently setting up a GoFundMe page to support the cost of feeding the flock. My wife even set up a basket of goodies for each kid. The rules are that you were only allotted the food in your basket outside of family eating times. Once the vittles were gone, they were gone for the day. That lasted about two hours before they started sending their siblings on recon missions to the pantry. Alright John Brock, I will distract the guardians while you get the oatmeal crème pies. I will meet you behind the dog house when the mission is complete. Laylah Kate, you start singing “jingle bells” when the goods are in transition.

Hey at least during this time period they were somewhat harmonizing. Other times these children have resembled “NHL Fights of the Week” on ESPN. We’ve had baseball bats to the face, drop kicks to the face, one child even threw a full bag of garbage in the direction of the youngest. However, we are learning much about compassion and sibling cooperation. Earlier this week, the younger two agreed to illustrate their artistic ability by designing their favorite marvel characters with magic markers covering each other’s legs and arms. The middle child actually shared a piece of bacon with his sister this morning without prompting and the oldest graciously sprayed down his younger siblings while they jumped on the trampoline. We won’t mention any details about crying or whining because of shots to the face.

On a serious note, we are praying for those who are working tirelessly to help keep our country safe and those who have been directly affected by this virus. Keep these people in mind when we are quick to complain about our circumstances. Together we can get through this. Share some humor or an encouraging word to your neighbor. Of course, while keeping a safe distance.

This just in while trying to coarse the four-year-old to sleep for the night, she has hidden pink goldfish under her blanket for a late-night grub. She is willing to go to the depths of time-out in defending her opportunity for a small sample of her snack basket.

Author: Rainey Days

Teacher, Coach, Parent, Love God and my Life

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