Eviction Notice

Stuart Little and his little sister have tried homesteading in our attic. When everyone is away, they use our oldest son’s bedroom as a playground for recess time. They must’ve been hiding from the cooler temperatures because they haven’t been real concerned with the numerous snacks that occupy our pantry. Most of their time is spent chewing up toilet paper in his bathroom cabinet and old blankets in his closet. 

Yes, my wife has called the local Pest Control experts multiple times over the weekend with no answer. She would’ve paid an extra five hundred dollars for them to send out one of their trained technicians over the weekend. I believe the comment was made” why wouldn’t they have an on-call service for situations like these?”

Man, they will get a good laugh at our expense when they arrive for work in the morning with the seventeen voice mails and numerous emails sent over the past thirty-six to forty-eight hours from my beautiful wife. 

Maybe our kids watch too many videos on the iPad, but there has been some concern from my youngest about the “neighbors.” Her older brother gets a kick out of walking around simulating some creature that frightens others while referring to himself as the “neighbors.” Let’s throw Stuart Little and his siblings into the picture and you can imagine the fear that streams through her little mind. 

It doesn’t help that my wife has some deranged image of these furry little creatures chewing through her eyelids while she is sleeping. I hurried upstairs with concern as I heard all sorts of screaming and hollering first from my wife and then from my small children. As I approached the floor level of the room, I expected to see numerous varmints racing around the room as if they were piloting our twelve-year old’s matchbox cars on the track at Talladega. 

You can imagine my surprise when I found a poor helpless rodent attached to a sticky trap in the upstairs bathroom. Talk about an overreaction. I guess the critter could have detached from the trap and maybe in time actually made it onto the bedroom carpet. 

She has these kids so worked up my four-year-old is lobbying for us to sell this house and move back to our previous residence. We told him the old house had new owners and that wouldn’t work. The next scenario was extreme but possibly would solve the problem. He suggested blowing this house up to eliminate the mice and rebuilding from scratch. 

Countries outside of the United States find no issues being in the same room as mice. In fact, it is regular in some areas for these small animals to be on menus or prepared in homes for consumption. Some may be out of necessity and others may enjoy the various intricacies of preparing mice meat. Either way our culture and traditions would frown upon these practices.

Modern day Christians have an idea of what a meeting of the body should look like. They have great ideas of what the church building should look like. These ideas have been passed down from generation to generation. Much like the fact that you won’t see Americans devouring the meat of a house mice, most churchgatherings have a certain way that material is presented, music is played, prayer and fellowship. It’s tradition. 

Francis Chan wrote in his book, “Letters to the Church” if we focus on what people want, we will only increase the amount of complaining. The more we try to fulfill their desires, the more they complain when their desires aren’t met. 

We spend more time worrying about what color the carpet is in the church or how loud the music is being projected through the speakers rather than focusing on discipling other Christians with the guidelines outlined in the “Word of God” and bringing non-believers to know Christ.

If you are praying person, please pray that Stuart finds residence elsewhere before we have to hire a private investigator to find his whereabouts and remove him from the property. 



Author: Rainey Days

Teacher, Coach, Parent, Love God and my Life

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