New Year=New Me

Southerners have for years eaten soul food on January 1st that may include collard greens, corn bread, ham hock, and let us not forget the black-eyed pea. With some sort of geometry equation of adding these succulent items into a magical formula will create good fortune through finances and life choices.

I’m not sure of your family superstitions, but some from other areas include: eating circular items such as donuts may or may not create good fortune, kissing your loved one at the stroke of midnight will assure twelve months of continued affection, or even opening all windows and doors to your house at straight up twelve to allow the old year to escape. Some folks will claim that whatever you do on New Years Day will determine what you do all year long. Many believers of this tale will not clean or do laundry on the first day of the year.

Half of Americans create unlofty goals that are called resolutions for the upcoming new year. These things may include to lose weight, exercise more, live healthier, make more money, find new or old friendships, obtain new employment, or find your sole purpose for being on this Earth.

My New Year’s Day started with leftover cheese dip from one of the local Mexican joints. There was plenty of cleaning and laundry done. We had some of the delicates such as black-eyed peas and cornbread. We ate ramen noodles and cheese quesadillas for a home cooked meal prepared in our kitchen before settling in for the night.

I’m not sure what all this means except our diet will probably continue to consist of plenty of foods based from the country directly South of the U.S. With five humans living in this house laundry will be done everyday unless you want the house to look like a landfill. My four-year old changed shirts seven times today because he wanted to wear each shirt that he bought with a gift card from his Mimi and Poppie for Christmas. The dog peed on the blanket in his kennel at least a couple times throughout the day. My wife uses at least four maybe five towels to dry off with after a shower. One for her face, hair, legs, arms, and even her toe nails. So, if anyone tells you there is a remote possibility of going through the year without laundry, they are senile.

Within a few days of starting the year off, plenty of people have already said “what the heck” with the ideas of a New Year and a New Me. I feel Ya, within thirty minutes of waking up I had already eaten fried tortilla chips for breakfast. So much for cutting out some of those bad cholesterol choices the nurse told me about during my most recent wellness screening.

By no means am I bashing the whole idea of creating a new and better image of yourself. In fact, I am still looking forward to achieving some of my resolutions from 2013. The path to success isn’t the same for each person. My idea of weight loss may be taking my wallet, cell-phone, loose change, pocket knife, and blue jeans off to weigh in. Whereas, little debbie may spend thirty minutes alternating between the rowing machine and the elliptical.

My advice which is free as always for you to accept or reject as you please. Take each day as it comes. Make today better than yesterday. If for some reason yesterday you didn’t meet your expectations, today is an opportunity to start on a clean slate. Don’t worry what other people think your successes should be. In the end there will be very few that truly are in your corner when the bell rings.

P.S. No amount of collard greens that I have eaten have ever changed the size of my wallet or bank account.

Author: Rainey Days

Teacher, Coach, Parent, Love God and my Life

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