When Kids Talk

My mom woke up with a rattlesnake under her pillow.

I could do push-ups all day but my bones start to hurt and I have to stop.

My grandmother has a pet cat that ran a kamikaze mission with the dirt bike the kid next door was riding.

My baby sister uses the water from the toilet to wet her tooth brush.

Sir, you look like a person. “Why thank you,” as water shoots through my nose in mid sip.

The things you hear from an elementary child’s point of view is often hilarious. If you don’t want the truth, then you probably should shy away from asking the opinion of a second grader. They are also so excited to tell you stories about their family and life.

I say that to say this. Some of you may need to have a discussion with your children about what is acceptable information to share with their teachers. Maybe even rethink some of the activities you are engaged in while your children are present.

Some other moments that have been shared with me through the years as a teacher that will rip your heart out or make you sob like a daddy giving his daughter away in marriage.

Student 1 had moved schools quite a bit before reaching my class. He talked about fun times he had during physical education at other places and some games they played that we haven’t tried yet. I started inquiring more about the games, thinking that there may be some new ideas of games that we could try. The discussion we had about physical education opened a door for the student to share some struggles going on in their life. Student 1 explained that the reason they ended up at our school was because the mother’s boyfriend had went crazy and destroyed their home. The boyfriend tore up a guitar that had been in the family for a long time. The mom has a new boyfriend now and the student has a new dad. This dad is nicer than the previous one. He actually makes funny faces and takes the student and their siblings to fun zone. My wish is that this guy sticks around for years to come.

Student 2: Halloween is the devil. That’s what my step dad says. My real dad is in prison. Out of all my step dads, this one is the worst. He is mean to me, my mom and our dog. My step dad doesn’t believe in God. My mom and step dad don’t attend church. I go to church with my grandparents and I believe there is a God. God truly loves your sweet little spirit.

Student 3 is in trouble for breaking some of the basic rules of the class. When asked if the behavior is tolerated at home, the student begins to tell me how the behavior was mimicking what was being done at home. Separating what behavior is acceptable at school compared to what goes on at home was the topic of discussion for the next few minutes. As the conversation concluded, the student explained that they felt as if no one wanted them, not even their sibling who was near the same age. Sugar, I want you to know I will make it a point to show you each day that you are wanted.

Student 4 is talking with another student about the upcoming day. The remark is made that “If I ask everyone in this school, I’m sure that everyone hates me, except maybe a few people.” No one hates you like you think. Even if they do, who cares what they think.

God’s purpose for each person may be unique; however, each one of us has an obligation to make sure others feel loved. This place we call home now will not always be where we hang our coats. This life is not about you. Loving people should be at the top of your list of responsibilities while you walk this place we call home.

Let us consider how we may spur one another toward love and good deeds. Hebrews 10:24

Author: Rainey Days

Teacher, Coach, Parent, Love God and my Life

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