Superhero Mom

There was “gig” downtown tonight. Music was playing, lights were flashing, and even on a few occasions confetti shot out into the crowd. Some would consider the sound resonating from the stage as loud and distasteful. However, to most inside this building the presentation was a gift from above.

Speaking of gifts, we purchased a ticket for my parents as a gift for my mother’s birthday. Since I was young my mom wouldn’t tell us how old she was. “Never ask a woman her age or weight,” she would say. Let’s just say she is holding steady at thirty-nine.

As a kid, I can remember conversations with other children at school about how my mom was so much better than the others. She can do this, she can do that. It turned into a competition of what each of our moms could do that ended up going something like this. My mom can open the refrigerator from her bedroom and make a sandwich while folding clothes with her super human stretching ability.

With all that being said my Mom is still better than all of yours! No offense I’m sure you feel the same way about your great mother as well.

One word that describes a lot of great women that sacrifice for their children including my mother is selfless. You could also use considerate, compassionate, the list could go on and on.

We weren’t well off growing up as kid. My mother would always give me this line, “I just want you to have it better than we do now.” At the time I didn’t completely understand what that meant, but being a parent now I can understand.

With little money transportation could sometimes be an issue for our family. I quickly learned how Jesus felt walking from town to town to spread the good news. While walking to church one Sunday morning, I angrily asked, “Why can’t we just stay home?” Of course the answer consisted of something like we needed the fellowship of other Christians and to learn more about the word. This wasn’t just a stroll a few blocks from the house. There was a winding path through neighborhoods, up and down hills, and some days even outrunning neighborhood dogs for about a three mile trek one way. This isn’t your dad’s exaggerated story of walking barefoot in the snow to school. Being in church meant positive relationships and a better life for us.

My mom called the school every day it seemed like. I wasn’t necessarily a bad kid or student. I rarely was reprimanded by the teachers or administration. I successfully obtained grades above C’s, except in Geometry. Being a teacher now, I can only imagine how my teachers felt with her calling each teacher weekly to check on my grades. However, within moments of posting grades for my class at school, I have received emails from parents concerning a low score. The idea is the same just a little easier now with technology, she knew my grades were pivotal for a positive future.

There were other situations that seemed over bearing at the time. One could assume she was preparing for a career with the FBI. She would pop up all over the place making sure I was where I promised I would be. This was before smart phones and other ways of tracking your children’s every move. But again there was a common theme, she didn’t want me to make a short term decision with long term consequences.

Mom, thank you for caring so much for a bratty kid to stay all in my business. It was a full time job in itself, but any successes today are a result of your vigilance.

Happy Birthday!

Author: Rainey Days

Teacher, Coach, Parent, Love God and my Life

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