The Big Day

There are days in our lives that have significant meaning for the emotional moments that are attached. Today is one of those days. On this day six years ago, I took the hand of a beautiful woman and slipped a ring on her finger. We said “I do” in front of family and friends on the sugar white beaches of Panama City Beach.

My soon to be wife had bought her dress even before we were engaged. I assumed that she knew that I was best viable option left in the pool of single men nearing their thirties with a receding hair line. Maybe she found a deal of a lifetime that she couldn’t pass over. Either way on a Sunday night laying on the couch of her town house, I slipped a ring out of my pocket and asked her to be my bride. Unless she had a change of heart, I knew the answer because she already had the dress. I never thought to ask what would have

happened if the proposal never came.

So, the planning came which is a lot more stressful for the woman than the man. I agreed with pretty much everything she came up with. Most of my concern was whether or not the food at the reception would be appealing.

The day of the wedding consisted of normal wedding day activities. Each party took pictures for hours upon hours. Did I mention wearing a suit on the beach even in October when things are supposed to be cooling off resembles what I imagine it would feel like to wear a full mascot outfit for an eleven o clock kickoff in late August?

The day couldn’t get much better, the guests had arrived. Vacationers lined the balconies of neighboring condominiums to catch a glimpse of the special occasion. As the celebration began, there was a loud commotion coming from a vessel in the water near the shore. Then came several explosions from cannons on the ship. It was an invasion of the outlaws of the sea. Well, not quite, it was only a pirate cruise ship going by at the most opportune time. Talk about starting off with a bang.

Well, if that wasn’t enough. Someone thought it necessary to pay for a fly over to help us celebrate this special time. A helicopter flew right over the crowd and out over the sea. It felt like we were at a football game when the national anthem has just been blasted by a famous singer and the fighter jets rattle each seat as they come by in the blink of an eye. We never got the opportunity to thank the strangers for their kind gesture.

In reality, there is a helicopter tour agency across the street from where the wedding took place.

Like that day in October six years ago, our marriage has been filled with exciting and stressful times. Some days I’ve felt like Lieutenant Dan in Forest Gump, riding out the hurricane at the top of the shrimp boat. During other times, I could have been a passenger in a kid’s toy sail boat in those same waters that are so much calmer. Those days make it easy to be in a relationship.

Through all the waves and storms, I can tell you that the only reason that we are currently married is because the presence of the Lord has been in our relationship. Some times more than others, but without both of us having a relationship with Christ we would’ve never made it this long with some of the issues thrown our way.

I’m no therapist, but my advice which is free is this: lean on the man upstairs when things are going well and when it looks like the end is near. Don’t take each other for granted and the way you treat each other is what your children are basing their future relationships off of.

Author: Rainey Days

Teacher, Coach, Parent, Love God and my Life

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