Beauty of a Mirage

The events of today flew by with relative ease. Yesterday’s events seem to be a blur. The kind of blur that makes you wonder how long that brick house has been just off the main road on your way to work. I’ve been driving by this house for years on my way to work, has it always been there? What else have I missed today while thinking of a different time in my life? The night can be my escape, but on most nights when these eyes close, the mind begins to race. When I say race, I’m talking about hamsters burning calories on their exercise wheels.

Shortly after my body has been put into a temporary state of semi-unconsciousness, the images start to reel off like a scene from a movie being played. On the big screen today is a story of life, fun and laughter like you would see on the Lifetime Channel. The scenes seem so realistic, although the character playing myself seems some younger, skinnier, and there is a presence of more hair on top of the old noggin. The other characters include close friends and family that have crossed paths in different parts of my life, but one face keeps appearing.

There is a mixture of odors that occupy the hot late summer night.  Pastures cover most of the landscape we have covered on the miles of dirt roads that seem to connect like a childhood “connect the dots” worksheet. The map of the areas we covered would intersect and run parallel as long as the country music is still blaring on the radio. Smells of livestock, mixed with the farms being harvested, and diesel fuel being burned occupy the moment. The windows are down on that old pickup truck with the wind to our face. Deep into the night, all the world’s problems could be solved.

Your voice comes through loud and clear like a radio broadcast from the downtown local station. What would you do if she told you this?  Why won’t she take my word for it? What else could I do to prove to her how much she means to me? These questions of course are about the girl that you are trying to win over her heart. Boy, if we knew what they were thinking, we would be millionaires, but I will entertain the scenarios being played out of what could or will happen until the morning sun breaks up this reunion of old friends.

That fried chicken is so moist and with a crunch to follow. The diner in that two red light town has a lot of home cooked favorites that remind you of some of granny’s cooking. You tell me how the man in the booth on our right is the father of the girl you took to prom of your junior year. The grey headed man to our left runs a local mechanic shop. He’s one of those that won’t steer you wrong and will “do you right” on the price of labor. A close knit town and you greet everyone with a smile as they come by that booth on Main Street.

Of all the scenes that cross my path tonight, your smart aleck grin makes me smile the most. You have a way of making people laugh, giggle, chuckle until they snort, or even cackle until we cry. Seeing your face reminds me that things are not ever as bad as they seem. Your personality helps people forget about the issues they are having, because they are replaced with an optimistic hope that you are able to bring out of each situation.

With the touch of your hand giving me one last high five, my eyes begin to flutter open trying to focus through the morning crud and my off-centered contact lenses. . I’m glad that I can still see your face even though some nights are easier than others. Through these memories that are relived when my eyes are closed, your legacy will never die.

Until we meet again my friend.

Author: Rainey Days

Teacher, Coach, Parent, Love God and my Life

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