So there are several positive benefits to smiling. According to research done by people a lot smarter than I am, a person who smiles more often will have lower blood pressure, less stress, better relationships, a stronger immune system, relief from pain, and ultimately live a longer life. Throughout the next few minutes my goal is for your life to be extended even if only for a few seconds through a laugh, a grin, or even the smallest smirk.

My wife and kids are often the origin of laughter and smiles. They won’t mind me sharing a few of our recent experiences if these stories might bring a smile to your face.

If you knew my wife in her teenage to young adult years, you would know that her hair was bleach blonde in color. Although she is now a brunette, some of her blonde moments are still occurring. While in a recent conversation with her something about what I was saying just wasn’t clicking. I felt as if I was trying to teach the complexities of a college pre-calculus class to my 3 year old son. Either way after a few moments the light bulb came on in her head and we had short laugh about how confused she was over something simple. As the laughter calmed, she said “Dang, my sticks aren’t all firing.” My face now went into the “what the heck are you talking about” phase that we sometimes get. I thought for a minute and realized that what she was trying to say is, “I may not be firing on all cylinders.”

If you have kids you probably know that if they are busy playing with toys and siblings generally there are all sorts of sounds that may be heard. So, if there is silence something is generally going on that may need adult supervision. Recently my two year old daughter was alone for what may have been only seconds while being supervised by her grandmother. Turns out she may have a future in selling abstract artwork or she may even be the next Vincent van Gogh. It only takes a few seconds for a child to create a magnificent design with a permanent marker on our beautiful custom white cabinets; however, the clean up with a magic eraser takes what seemed like hours.

Last week I took the three kids to the grocery store by myself. About three minutes in I realized how much I should appreciate my wife for attacking this task on a regular basis. Each child wants something different on every isle, random merchandise is flying into the shopping cart. When you try to place items back on the shelf, one child cries and then the next chimes in. So, I did want any other good parent would do, bribed them with candy if they would calm down. I walked out of the store feeling pretty good about making it out with all limbs still attached and DHR wasn’t called that I know of. In the truck on the way home, I kept my word and began passing out sweet tart gummies to the kids as their reward. My three year old son was in the back seat and seemed to be eating a lot more than the other two kids. I didn’t think much else about it until we made it home and prepared for nap time. This is when I noticed a bulge in the bottom of his underwear. I took a peek fearing the worst, but he hadn’t had an accident. There were half a dozen or more of those candies stuffed in his underpants.

Our oldest is eleven years old. A few years ago, the wheels starting turning in his head about the anatomy of the male body. I thought it can’t be that time yet to have “The Talk” with him. He was curious to know the actual name for those parts that as parents we often give nicknames to make them sound less offensive. There is a line in the movie “Kindergarten Cop” that comes to mind when thinking of this subject. Regardless in a confident tone he remarked that he knew what the two small objects were in his private area. Immediately his mother looked at me in a state of panic. We hesitantly asked, “what are they called?” His answer “they are my kidneys!”

Smile, God Loves You!!!!!!!

Author: Rainey Days

Teacher, Coach, Parent, Love God and my Life

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