The Ultimate Disappointment

Did you know that Bojangles discontinued their delicious “Cheddar Bo” for the immediate future? To most this may not be that big of a deal, but my wife is a huge fan of this menu item and most of the local franchises had figured out that her order would consist of at least one Cheddar Bo cooked for an extra two and a half minutes in order for the cheese to be completely melted throughout the biscuit.

Unfortunately I had to break the news as I tried to surprise her with breakfast early one morning before the day got started. You would have thought she had lost her best friend. At first she went into a state of shock and later denial as she thought I may have been playing a prank on her because I knew that she loved them greatly.

Being the loving husband that I am, I emailed the corporate office at Bojangles to express my concern of this issue. The main point that was emphasized in the email was I wasn’t sure that they had fully thought through how many families would be affected by their decision. The first few days after her last Cheddar Bo, my wife was really struggling. It was almost as if she was having withdrawals from the moist cheesy goodness that she had come to love. I don’t want to use the word bipolar, but it was almost as if another person had stepped into her body, something like a clip from a horror movie.

Of course there is a little bit of exaggeration in this particular story, however, she was disappointed to say the least when we discovered that our “on the run” breakfast item would have to be replaced with another item or another franchise.

How much control do you have over the circumstances around you? Although this is a fun jab at something that is irrelevant to most people, we sometimes find ourselves getting upset about circumstances that are out of our control. I understand there are people experiencing more pressing issues than a biscuit being removed from a menu. Maybe your boss fired you this week, the microwave blew up this morning, your former spouse continues to spread rumors about you on Facebook.

Let’s take the biscuit out of the equation and replace it with your child’s travel baseball team. Let’s say that little Johnnie broke his leg and will not be able to play for at least 6 months. Usually his tournaments are played over two or three days on the weekend and now that privilege has been taken away from you. The Lord uses situations to shape us. Maybe in this situation, the message was for your family to put the most important thing back on top, being in fellowship and learning from fellow believers on Sundays.

Often times we are disappointed in the way things are going in our life. Step back and examine what the Lord is trying to tell you. The creases we have in our life shape who we are today and ultimately gives us a powerful testimony to help bring others to know Jesus.

Author: Rainey Days

Teacher, Coach, Parent, Love God and my Life

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