Weed Killer

Hey, Hey, yeah you. Get away from my lawn. The property line only extends to the tree. You are weed eating on my property. You should’ve found out where the line was before you agreed to cut this property. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on getting this yard level and all the weeds smothered out.

Ok sir, my apologies for any inconvenience.

This was an actual conversation with the neighbor of a customer while working with my lawn care service. It is amazing what people are willing to spend on keeping their lawn in pristine condition. This particular situation was rather embarrassing, but if the plaintiff had really spent the money he claimed on his lawn, someone had robbed him blind.

Is there an area near you that looks like a den of snakes has settled their homestead around the property? You know the one where the grass is waste deep with limbs spaced out randomly and the flowers in the bed near the front of the house are gasping for air with so many weeds suffocating them.

Coaching outdoor sports at most high schools in our area requires some sort of field maintenance experience by someone on staff. Recently, I found myself in front of a fifty gallon boom and broadcast sprayer. The recipe inside the tank included several different chemicals that I can’t begin to pronounce much less spell. However, included in the mixture were herbicides that are used to kill certain weeds, but not the actual grass.

So the idea is to make the playing surface look and feel as flush as carpet. I’m sure you’ve seen the yard in your neighborhood that looks as if there could be no possible way that the grass is actually living. It looks something like a golf course putting surface or artificial turf on a football field. To achieve and obtain this kind of success is a major undertaking with many different variables, sunlight, water source, insecticides, fertilizer, and weed control to name a few.

With an adequate supply of the mentioned ingredients previously mentioned without getting into a horticultural discussion, your lawn or playing surface can be sufficiently maintained.

Comparatively speaking, our Christian walk is much like lawn or turf maintenance. There are weeds and insects throughout our life that represent temptations or sin. Just like a lawn if these areas are not treated properly, they can take over our life. This ultimately leads to an unfruitful and distant relationship from our Lord and Savior.

The weeds or temptations in our life can be treated by staying close to Lord through prayer, scripture, and relationships with fellow Christians. Everyone will sin at some point, only one is perfect in our life, Jesus Christ. Repenting from your sin and keeping those weeds or temptations to minimum will yield a flush piece of property.

The devil can only be successful in tempting us. Ultimately, the decision is yours whether or not to advance the temptation into a sin. A study recently done suggests that at least one in every five divorces were directly related to social media. Divorces, affairs, secrets have been going on before social media was in existence. I think that these apps and websites do make unfaithful tendencies much easier, but the choice is still in the hands of the person holding the phone or the computer.

James 1:14-15 reads, “but each person is tempted when they are dragged away by their own evil desire and enticed. Then, after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin, and sin when it is full grown, gives birth to death.”

Author: Rainey Days

Teacher, Coach, Parent, Love God and my Life

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