The Bass Master

The cloud cover had rolled in yesterday and the temperature dropped low enough that I thought I might try out that “honey hole” behind my in-laws in hopes to wet a hook and snatch a few of those large- mouth bass that hide out in the depths of the pond. I stayed out there “casting” for about an hour or so from the bank and the dock. Notice how I said “casting,” can you call it fishing if you aren’t catching any fish?

I’d love to tell you how I snatched up that “wall hanger” that is already on its way to the taxidermist, but to my dismay I had a few bites but couldn’t bring in the trophy fish or even his little brother to be honest.

As I was out on the pond, I began to think about some of the fishing trips I have been on and some of the extreme stories I had heard about other peoples’ trips on the water. It’s funny how some these stories seem to be exaggerated and get harder and harder to believe each time the story is relived.

For example, I can remember fishing in a local pond with a buddy of mine, we are real competitive and things hadn’t been going his way much on this day. So, we are trolling around on the Jonboat searching for the right spot. It’s always funny how much moving you will do on the boat if the captain isn’t catching too many fish. I was having a decent day, but since he was at the controls of the motor we weren’t staying in one place for too long. So, while we were trolling along I got a bite and then another and finally it was on. I wanted to be sure to set the hook, so I yanked so hard I almost flipped myself out the side of the boat. What happened next will be hard for most of you to believe, but it is true. When I set the hook, the fish flew out of the water, over my head and landed right in front of my buddy at the back of the boat. At the time, he wasn’t too enthused about the way the trip was going, but later on we got a good laugh about the incident.

Another time, I fished a pond that was overpopulated with bream. When I say over populated, fish were fighting over the bait when you threw it out. We fished for a few minutes and quickly realized that we didn’t have enough crickets. Between three of us, we had went through one hundred crickets in fifteen minutes. So off to the store, to get more crickets and before you knew it we had went through about two hundred more. It was like ants attacking a watermelon on a hot summer day. At the end of the trip, I threw an empty hook out and caught a fish. Though all of the fish we caught weren’t

“keepers,” we easily caught 200 or more that day.

On another occasion, we had decided to enter a tournament at a local lake. The object of the competition wasn’t to catch the most weight or number of fish. You had to catch certain fish that had been tagged to earn prizes. Some of the prizes were small, but the grand prize was a good amount of money. So we set off in a small boat equipped with only a trolling motor. We had an extra battery or two and some paddles just in case we needed it. On a normal day at this lake that would have been enough power to suffice and we may have had a decent day fishing. However, on this day the remains of a tropical storm were hanging around. So the wind was blustery and the waves were as if we were trying to maneuver the Gulf of Mexico in this small boat. It didn’t take long for us to realize we had made a terrible decision in trying to attack this trip in this boat with these conditions.

We loaded up and made short drive to a smaller pond. We unloaded everything and fished for hours with much success.

Hard times come in our life. Sometimes there isn’t much you can do to prevent or help the situation. But often times the hardships we face are brought about by our own actions. However, any misfortunes serve a purpose. Like in this story, we weren’t very smart for trying to fish in those conditions, but in the end we had a great day on the water in another location. If things aren’t working out at your place of employment, in your current relationship, or with people that you associate with, there is a reason for that happening. Contrary to popular belief, nothing is coincidence.

Matthew 10: 29-30 states, “Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your father’s care. And even the hairs of your head are numbered.” The Lord knows your struggle and has either put you in this situation to teach you something or someone else down the road that goes through a similar incident. It could be that the reward awaiting you wouldn’t be possible without the hardship in the present.

Author: Rainey Days

Teacher, Coach, Parent, Love God and my Life

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