Antique TV With Stunning Detailed Picture  

It was a hot summer. A young boy sat in the living room of the small brick home with sweat pouring from his forehead. The body odor smell could cause a weak stomached pregnant woman to pass out, throw up or go into premature labor. They didn’t have any of that fancy central heating and cooling like some of the “more to do” folks in town.

The television was set to the local news. The picture on the screen was somewhat murky, but as long as he could hear the words and make out some of the black and white figures, the boy was happy. The news would be followed by The Andy Griffith Show. If he was lucky, the wind would be blowing just right and the Atlanta Braves would be broadcasted on the local Fox affiliate out of a nearby town.

What does the wind blowing have to do with watching the Braves game?

No it has nothing to do with a storm coming up to interfere with the satellite signal. You see there was an antenna that would enhance your odds of picking up more channels or help the quality of the ones you had. Some people would mount these antennas on the television itself and wrap aluminum foil on the end of it. Some kind of radiant magnetic force from outer space would supposedly help the picture come in clearer. If that didn’t work a stiff left jab to the side of the square box might help. But at our house the antenna was mounted on a thirty or so foot tall metal pole that swiveled. So if the show ever got a little too scratchy, my father would send me out to turn the pole until the picture came in clearer. Once the screen was to his liking, he would holler through the open window for me to stop turning or go back in the previous direction a notch or two. I think some days he got pleasure out of me turning that thing for what seemed like eternity.

With today’s technology it is sometimes hard to recollect the days when televisions weren’t in every household. If there was a television in a house, there usually was only one and it was in the common family area. The size of the television was around fifteen to twenty inches and there weren’t any high definition pictures. Mostly black and white pictures were broadcasted.  There were only a few stations that you could pick up. Today I scroll threw the menu on my satellite network to find everything from corn-hole championships to bathroom remodels in areas of the world it’s hard for me to pronounce.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful of all the changes in technology. I mean who wants to get up and turn a knob on the front of the television to change the channel? If that were the case in my house, the channel would never change. Some of you may know how this feels when you lose the remote in the bottom of the couch, in the Tupperware cabinet, or in the toy stove in the hallway. It’s just according to where the three year old wants to hide it in our case.

Like that television back in the early eighties, our life can get a little blurry or sometimes downright unviewable. Things don’t work out like we think they are supposed to and we try doing things our way to get the picture clear again. Ultimately, God sees the clear picture that he has planned for all of us and it is a much simpler process if you allow him to be your antenna to guide your small fifteen inch television to a high definition path. Pray today and seek his wisdom for your clear path in life.

Author: Rainey Days

Teacher, Coach, Parent, Love God and my Life

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