Roll Tide

A red Chevrolet pick-up rolls through the streets during the fall decked out in all types of Alabama decorations. Some would say they are distasteful or a little extreme. There are magnets of all shapes and sizes adorning both sides of the truck and on the tailgate along with window flags on each window. To say the owner is passionate about the Crimson Tide is an understatement.

Before the SEC Network existed, not all football games were televised. The voice of Eli Gold could be heard blasting through radios all over the state. An older man, wearing his khaki colored hat with a crimson bill that carried a block “A” with an elephant, and his young grandson sit in small non air-conditioned living room listening intently to every word coming through the speakers. The thrill of victory and pain in defeat could be felt as if they were sitting in the bleachers at Bryant-Denny stadium.

Two brothers watch anxiously as the season is on the line in the 1992 Sugar Bowl. Could Gene Stallings bring the Tide back to the glory days of Bear Bryant with a win against the high powered offense of the Miami Hurricanes which would ultimately decide the national championship? Derrick Lassic and Sherman Williams punished the Canes with a brutal running game and George Teague hawked down what would be a late touchdown and stripped the ball from the receiver to keep the momentum in the direction of the good guys. Ultimately, Alabama would win 34-13. There was shouting, running, jumping, and cheers of celebration. You would have thought those brothers were on the field with the team.

These situations represent memories I have with men in my life related to Alabama Football. My mouth would have been washed out with bar soap if any words were mumbled that resembled the chant from the other team in the state.  My aunt wouldn’t have let them mistreat me too bad as she pulls for the orange and blue, but I decided to roll with the Tide.

Some people dislike The University of Alabama, because of their recent and past successes. I can understand that. I’m not a real big fan of the New York Yankees or the New England Patriots for similar scenarios. I get it, but through thick and thin I have been loyal. It hasn’t always been a bed of roses for the Tide: NCAA sanctions, Mike Price’s partying ways, and Dubose and Shula not living up to expectations to name a few.

Just last week, the team visited the White House in honor of winning their sixth National Championship in my lifetime. If Saban hasn’t already, he may quote a popular line in the movie Forrest Gump, “I got to go to the White House ….AGAIN…… and meet the president of the United States…..AGAIN.”

JK Scott felt a calling on the way to the White House to pray over the president. When asked recently about the encounter, he mentions that the prayer wasn’t a political statement. It was to reach out to the president as a son. The prayer was initiated by a stirring in this young man’s heart from the Holy Spirit.

I have zero experience as the president, but over a decade as a high school coach and there is one thing that is common between the two. Some people think they can do their job better and second guess each decision that is made. With our country being divided on whether or not we support our current president, all focus has been lost on what the bible says about worldly leaders. Romans 13:1 states that all are subject to governing authorities and that the authorities that exist have been established by God. Also, 1 Timothy 2:1-2 talks about praying for all people including those in authority, so that we may live peaceful lives in all godliness.

Thank you Mr. Scott for utilizing your platform to be a positive example for others. Regardless of the prayer at the White House that day, I have been reminded to pray for not only our governmental leaders, but those in authority over our children, our bosses and leaders of our churches.

Author: Rainey Days

Teacher, Coach, Parent, Love God and my Life

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