Ma’am are you okay? Can you hear me? You are going to be fine, hang in there. Keep your eyes open.

Lily recently had married the love of her life. He had too many drinks at a retirement party, so she volunteered to drive. She only had a few glasses of wine. She knew that she was in better shape to drive than her husband.

She couldn’t make out a whole lot about the situation. There was blood running down her forehead into her eyes and her vision was already blurred from the impact. She could tell that men were working on several people laid out on the asphalt.

Lily and Kevin, her husband, had been discussing the night and reminiscing about how they met. She was a waitress at a hotel restaurant and Kevin was staying a few nights in the hotel on business. He was meeting with a few clients the next day and had stopped in for a few drinks and a bite to eat. They conversed for hours as she waited on his and a few other tables throughout the night. They hit it off right away and before they knew it, they were traveling hours across three states to meet up on the weekends.

Six months later, they would marry in a small wedding on a lake at the sunset. A few of their friends were there and immediate family, but for the most part it was a small-scale event with a few refreshments and punch to end the night.

As Lily was being loaded into the ambulance, she could make out that there was another vehicle connected to hers. It looked as if someone had pulled out in front of her and she had side swiped their vehicle. The ambulance doors shut and they began the trek to the emergency room.

She asked the emergency workers in the ambulance what had happened and if Kevin was seriously hurt? What about the other vehicle? They wouldn’t give her much info, but that the workers on the scene were doing all that they could do and all involved were in good hands.

Shortly after she entered the hospital, the staff checked Lily out for any internal injuries. Much to her amazement, the doctors informed her that she would be stitched up and released in a few hours from the hospital. She still begged for someone to tell her anything about her husband’s condition.

As she was gathering her possessions in preparation to leave the evaluation area of the emergency room, a police officer approached Lily. “Ma’am, we need to talk about the incident that happened earlier tonight.” Do you remember what happened? I think a car ran a red light and we ran into the other vehicle. “Ma’am, the intersection where the accident occurred was a two way stop and the direction the other vehicle was traveling had the right of way.” Lily asked how her husband and the other vehicle’s passengers were. “Ma’am, one passenger in the other vehicle did not make it and your husband died on the way to the hospital. Her heart sank and she fell into the floor howling in sadness.

Later on she found out that the passenger in the other vehicle was a three year old little girl. Her mother, Sharon, had been traveling home from the little girl’s grandparent’s house when the accident occurred. Several weeks later after the funerals of both Kevin and the little girl, Sharon asked for a meeting with Lily.

Lily agreed, but knew this would be a very difficult conversation.

The two met at a local coffee shop and discussed the event. Lily apologized and although her blood alcohol content wasn’t near the illegal limit, she told Sharon that alcohol had been involved. Sharon already knew the situation and expressed gratitude for Lily being honest. Sharon told her that she had already talked to the investigators of the accident and expressed her concern for Lily. She knew that Lily had lost her husband and felt remorse for her as well. She told Lilly that day that she forgave her, because she knew that’s what God had done for her in so many situations in her life where she had failed.

In life, we often times are quick to ask for forgiveness when we have made mistakes that have hurt our family, friends, or partners, but when others ask us forgiveness it can take weeks or even years to forgive them for decisions they have made that have hurt us.

Crowder released an album in 2016 with a song named “Forgiven” on it. The words in the song talk about us holding the hammer and the nails that affixed Jesus to the cross. In response to these confessions, Jesus simply responds by saying, “there is freedom from all of it, say goodbye to every sin.”

Let that sink in! What are you holding onto today? Is there a grudge that is affecting you today? Sharon acted in a way that most would have frowned upon in our society today, but is your goal to be more like the father or the world around us?

Author: Rainey Days

Teacher, Coach, Parent, Love God and my Life

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