Everyday Love

Would your romantic evening consist of dining at a fancy restaurant with soft music being played by a small band, the lights are dim and the items on the menu are too hard for you to pronounce? Would it be a picnic dinner at a local park with lighting provided by the reflection of the moon on a pond? Would it be something simpler, like a candle light dinner at the waffle house? Would you imagine a home cooked meal at your home, candles and rose petals leading you to a bubble bath in the master bedroom?

Valentine’s Day is a romantic celebration of love in many regions of the world. Although it isn’t a national holiday, many people celebrate by buying gifts and spending quality time with their significant other. Commercially, millions of dollars are spent on cards, flowers, candy and other items related to Valentine’s Day.

My point is that people often times go out of their way to show love to someone on this one day of the year. According to a recent survey, people will spend almost twenty billion dollars on Valentine’s Day this year.

Romance has many faces and our opinions and preferences vary from person to person or couple to couple. Showing love isn’t a one day a year thing and wooing your significant other should be a daily ritual. Divorces would most likely decline in our country if we spent the days of our marriages trying to win our spouses like we did when we were dating. I’m preaching to the choir. In the business of life sometimes we get wrapped up in life, work, kids, and our spouses get the short end of the stick when it comes to our attention.

But give credit where credit is due, my wife hits it out of the park on every day.  This is what romance looks like in our house.

Dinner is on the stove, man it smells delicious. I know dinner is what happens in most households during the evening hours. The sounds of the kitchen don’t reflect the majesty of what has been prepared. While preparing a meal, one child is screaming “Hold Me,” another is banging pots on the floor, and the oldest is oblivious to any of his surroundings due to the volume of the television show he is watching. So this is “Romance” in my house.

We are lying in bed with one, sometimes two and even three children, the television is on. One child is screaming “CUP,” another is screaming “PACI,” and again the oldest is zoned out due to the volume on the television. My wife grabs my hand and squeezes it and says “I Love You.” This is “Romance” in my house.

It’s 2017 on Valentine’s Day, three children at the ballpark. Our oldest has baseball practice. We have pizza and our two other children with us on a picnic dinner, sitting in the bleachers watching the baseballs being hit or thrown. This is “Romance” in my house.

It’s Christmas, Father’s Day, Anniversary, or a Birthday. My wife has to shop while trying to herd the three children and make sure they aren’t pulling each other’s’ hair out or stuffing a foreign object in an ear or nose. After securing the perfect gift for her loving husband, she anxiously awaits the day to come to surprise him. When all of a sudden, the three old exclaims, “Daddy, I hope you like the wallet we got you.” This is “Romance” in our house.

In life things can get crazy, your partner can get pushed to the side for other things. This is sometimes unintentional and may be for very good reason in your eyes. But this is not the case in my house because “Romance’ is given through all the hard work, the effort to make me feel amazing in the midst of our crazy busy schedule.

Amanda, if you were a football team, you would be the Alabama Crimson Tide, because you are a “Champion” in my eyes.  I love you, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Author: Rainey Days

Teacher, Coach, Parent, Love God and my Life

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