Kindness is Beautiful

Kindness is Beautiful

In other parts of the country, it may be unheard of to fill your stomach with anything of substance from a gas station. Sure there are chain restaurants in quite of few truck stops I’ve visited along the interstate, but in South Alabama some of the best eating is prepared in small kitchens inside of convenience stores.

There is a popular one in my home town. If you go there for lunch, you may have to wait in line for ten to fifteen minutes to get your food. It’s not because they are taking their time or the service is terrible. No, it’s because the line of people wanting a taste of that southern cooking winds out the side door.

There are dining tables spaced throughout the store, usually filled with hard working people trying to get a quick bite before returning to the grind.

The ladies that prepare the food and your plate are always friendly. They take care of you with healthy portions, a smile and a “Thank you Baby”, before you leave. The food is great, but the charm really sets this place over the top.

Today I entered the store, not for that great southern food, but for headache medicine.

As I entered the store, a young man at the cash register noticed the shirt and hat I was wearing and commented, “Roll Tide.” I quickly responded, “Roll Tide!” It resembled the ESPN commercial depicting people of Alabama showing their love for the Tide.

But there was something different about this guy. He truly enjoyed his job, or at least the conversation. As I approached the front counter with the ten pack of Advil that I could buy a hundred of at Wal mart for the same price, the young man commented “Man, I hope you feel better.” I was caught off guard by his kindness.

I made small talk, finished up my purchase and headed for the door.

As I reached for the door, the young man again gave some words of encouragement “I really do hope you start feeling better.”

Walking through the parking lot, I couldn’t help but to think of how many people had been in that store today and walked out with a different attitude on the day because of his positive words.

Often times we get wrapped up in our own little world and forget about shining our light for others to see. It doesn’t cost anything to be kind and you never know how a positive gesture may change someone’s day.

Thank you sir.

Author: Rainey Days

Teacher, Coach, Parent, Love God and my Life

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